What is Christian nationalism?

Answers to the hard questions of faith from Christian leaders who care

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Evangelical. Conservative. Christian. The meaning of these words has changed greatly in these past few years. None greater than the attitudes of the larger society when we talk about our faith.

Yet in today’s divisive environment, faith and political leaders are combative, degrading, and angry. The word Evangelical is no longer about spreading the love of Christ but rather used as a political identity.

Join us on The New Faith, a podcast that seeks to understand how modern Christians are wrestling with faith and politics during this fraught time.

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Episode 1

Nona Jones

Nona Jones is Chief Content and Partnerships Officer at YouVersion. She's involved in various boards, heads Nona Jones Ministries, and co-leads Open Door Church in Florida. She's also the author of three books guiding churches in digital discipleship for impact in the digital age.

Episode 2

Brian Chang

Brian Chang currently is the Associate Director of Faculty Ministry at Intervarsity. He's also serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at Friends for Refugees.

Episode 3 (COMING SOON)

John Inazu

John Inazu specializes in First Amendment rights of speech, assembly, and religion as well as legal and political theory. He is a professor at Washington University at St. Louis.

Episode 4 (COMING SOON)

Lila Hermosillo

Lila Hermosillo is a student leader and staff member with Destino in San Diego. She serves to inspire others to love Christ.

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About the host

Jonathan Liu

A New Faith Founder

Jonathan Liu is a senior at Palo Alto High School interested in the intersection between politics and faith.

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Quotes from our guests

"As a matter of fact, to embrace [Christian nationalism] is to embrace idolatry."

Milton Massie, Director of Cru InnerCity

"We are trying to remove our obligation as Christians to love each other, to love our neighbors as hard as it can be. And instead we're relying on the government to legislate things or we just want things done."

Brian Chang, Associate Director at InterVarsity

"It's up to our discernment of what God's called on our life and the opportunities around us to shine where we are planted and where we can grow to make the best difference to help others as an expression of love of God and love of our neighbor."

Nona Jones, Chief Content Officer, YouVersion

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